How to teach the child stretches out

How to teach the child stretches out

The ability to stretch out develops good elasticity of muscles and healthy mobility of joints. And it, in turn, improves coordination of movements and reduces risk of getting injured when falling. Children have softer sheaves and therefore child to teach to stretch out much easier, than the adult. To know the most important how it is correct to make it.


1. Training has to be provided competently. For this purpose every day carry out with the child exercises on extension of muscles. Only you remember: it is impossible to stretch not warmed muscles at all. At first surely you do warm-up within 3-5 minutes. Squats, walking by a goose step, moves legs, easy jumps on socks and running on the spot will approach.

2. Further you carry out extension exercises. The extension for a longitudinal twine is carried out from a rack on a lap. Let the child extend serially one, other leg forward, trying to bring closer a basin to a floor as low as possible. You need to watch that the leg extended forward was surely straightened in a knee. Because if the kid will get used to bend it, it will be very difficult to retrain then.

3. Extension for a cross split. To move apart legs in the parties as far as possible, to extend hands forward is a starting position. Explain to the child that he has to transfer weight of a body at first to hands, then to a twine. Carrying out such alternations, gradually we bend hands, reducing thereby a separation from a floor. For those who already well were warmed and stretched there is one more excellent exercise. It is called recrawling. Sitting on a floor, it is necessary to move apart as much as possible legs in the parties, then, leaning on hands and not shifting legs, to creep kind of in an emphasis lying on a stomach. Over time complicate exercise the fact that it will be necessary to creep, practically without tearing off a basin from a floor.

4. To a maximum it is impossible to stretch at once, everything is good in its season. After an extension alternate performance of the right longitudinally cross and left twine. Following exercise "butterfly" (or "frog"). Let your child will sit down, will connect feet and will move up them as it is possible closer to a groin, trying to reach knees a floor. Further it is necessary to begin to move knees up-down as though to wave wings.

5. The following extension becomes at the Swedish wall. The child becomes to it a back, and hands undertakes a crossbeam over himself. Slowly raise one leg of the child up. At the same time slightly record a knee of the second leg on which he costs the knee not to give to a leg of the kid of an opportunity to be bent. Raise a leg of the child smoothly, up - down to emergence of slight feeling of morbidity that muscles stretched. Then on the next occupation the extension will be already slightly better and stronger.

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