How to teach the child to addition and subtraction

How to teach the child to addition and subtraction

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The child grows in your family. More and more parents prefer to teach the child to read, write and consider presently. For someone from mothers the program of home schooling consists of own understanding of arithmetic actions, others are guided by books.


1. Have patience and start classes with the child. Prepare calculating sticks, arithmetic cash desk with figures from 0 to 10 and the signs "+", "-", "=". Be not limited to some sticks and small squares. Nuts, cones, acorns can serve as visual aids when training in addition and subtraction, to attract interest in classes. Maintain inquisitiveness by novelty. Training is a game which should be stopped earlier, than the child will be tired. Two-three times a week will be quite enough. Be not overzealous.

2. Begin to solve the first problems on volume visual aids, on pictures. Do not forget to ask tasks. Gradually the child will learn to understand and solve problems of imagination. Sort with the child elementary examples 1+1=2 and 2-1=1. On volume grants make action: "Put before yourself apple, add to it one more apple. How many did apples become?" Try to perform all operations together, help the child if he is at a loss.

3. Begin each occupation with the repetition undergone. It can be both the oral account, and the solution of oral tasks with the indication of the subject picture, and exchange of coins (5, 2, 1 ruble). Development of constructive abilities of the child is just necessary. Give the chance to the child to combine various geometrical figures, to paint them, i.e. to show the imagination.

4. Children with pleasure solve problems with guessing of the conceived number. Suggest children to make such tasks. You say: "I conceived number. Added it to 4 and 7 turned out. Guess what number I conceived". Show record of such task 4+ *=7.

5. But you do not hurry to pass to new tasks, at first make sure that previous are strongly acquired. You give systematic classes since children have a serious relation to study, disobedience and excessive activity is pacified that is necessary at receipt in school.

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