How to teach the child to be independent

How to teach the child to be independent

It seems, still quite recently you be touched to the first words of yours of the baby, and already today in attempt for it to make something, it is proud speaks "I am!". And matter not only in advertizing which he watched on TV. In it desire to be adult and independent wakes up.

Is, of course and and persistently tell the return situations when you hurry somewhere "put on!". At this moment the child begins to be capricious and asks for help and about any independence there is no speech any more. In such questions it is necessary to adhere to golden mean and own example, without pressure, to help the child to become independent.

The kid is 3 years old

The major stage in development of the child the age from a year to three years is considered. Experts call this period "psychological growth from the birth moment to mature age". Only for some the child is already able to eat few years, begins to look after himself, becomes accurater.

From full helplessness in infancy, in one and a half years he passes a way of development and already surely goes, tries to eat, drink, put shoes on and to put on independently. In two years it does all this already more skillfully: itself undoes a jacket, uses a spoon and a cup, washes and wipes hands. In three years the kid already seeks to help mom: throws out garbage in a container, sets the table, is able to clasp buttons and a lightning, brushes teeth and goes to a pot under supervision of adults.

Comprehension of the world around

Of course, all these abilities do not arise in itself. Everything that the child is able to do, he learns from adults. And a mistake will think that the kid studies everything. He watches adults just carefully, and finds out for what any given objects are necessary. For the child adults – the example for imitation which is dexterously coping with absolutely various things.

To the baby it is important that not only showed it as well as what needs to be done, but also helped to understand, encouraging and praising for progress.

At this age at children fine motor skills and coordination are still badly developed therefore it overturns ware, it is soiled. And it is not necessary to be angry with it. It is better to encourage tenderly the kid, having told that next time everything surely will turn out.

There are cases when the child is able to do a lot of things, but does not want it. To understand the reason, it is necessary to find out what forces it to behave thus. There can be clothes which it was given, it is not pleasant, or he was tired, and it can just tries to draw attention to itself(himself). But violently to force the child to do something it is impossible. It is so even more possible to discourage to independence.

It is necessary to talk constantly to the kid, to show purpose of various objects, explaining the actions. For example, wishing to teach the child to brush teeth, mom has to pronounce each action: "We take a brush, we squeeze out on it paste, and accurately we rub it teeth. That's right. Let's caress a mouth and a brush and we are wiped by a towel. Good girl!" Also other actions, and repeatedly that the child remembered them are in the same way commented.

We tide up

Before cleaning, it is necessary to define the territory in which the child will be an owner. For this purpose the separate room will approach. It is necessary to explain to the kid that toys have to be in the children's room, but not roll on all apartment. But to ask to remove toys it is necessary kindly, and it is better, in playful way. Parents should tide up toys together with the child at the beginning, at the same time surely pronouncing where what toy needs to be put. And it is obligatory to praise for the correct repetition of the actions. Very soon the child himself will remove and place all the toys in places without excess reminders. It is possible to turn cleaning into a ritual, before going to bed driving all machines into "garage", and putting all bears to bed. It is important to designate need of cleaning that the child knew that in the untidy room the parents will not read him the fairy tale or to draw with him. Besides, in a categorical form you should not demand it, otherwise the child will decide that the parental love needs to be earned.

Most often, for tranquility of the nervous system, many mothers and fathers prefer to remove toys. It cannot be done because such behavior gives to the child a reason to rest and oppose at the next request for cleaning.

We eat

If the child is already able to hold a spoon, it is time to accustom him to use it regularly. Of course, at once accurately is at him not it will turn out. He will be soiled, overturn a spoon, without having informed a mouth. You should not worry and be nervous about it. It is necessary to have patience, and to the kid to tie an apron or a bib.

That the child did not remain hungry after such feeding, mom has to help it, but for this purpose use a separate, second spoon. And the kid needs to say what he the clear head and as at it well it turns out. It is important not to abuse the child for misses, and he will learn to treat seriously how he eats and then very quickly.

On a pot

To accustom the child to go to a pot, it is necessary to take care at first of the pot. It is necessary to choose a convenient pot which will not resemble a toy, otherwise the child will distract from the main business and to play about, sitting on it.

Accustoming will gradually happen therefore it is necessary to try to put the kid in time on a pot as soon as it is required. But violently it cannot be done, otherwise the child will begin to associate a pot with something bad and it will be very difficult to accustom him.

Some children sit some time on a pot, and then get up and pisat near it. You should not be angry. The child just does not understand yet what from him is required.

Every time, having found wet panties, it is necessary to explain to the kid that it is necessary to write to a pot. Showing to the child as it is correct to use a pot, comment: "Let's listen panties, shorts. We sit down on a pot and pisay. We get up, we put on. What you at me well done!". And when he will understand what from it is wanted, he at need will sit down in a pot or to speak about it to mom. In three years of the child it is possible to accustom to a toilet bowl, using a special children's seat.

We put on

Parents have to show to the kid as it is correct to dress things. At the same time it is necessary to pronounce all sequence and it is obligatory to praise for the correct actions.

It is important to pay initially to it special attention because it will be much more difficult to retrain.

To start training choose things which the kid loves, so he will derive pleasure from process.

It is necessary to consider that clothing will take a lot of time, therefore if you hurry, then dress your child better. Otherwise, adjusting and hurrying, you will spoil to it and yourself mood. To learn to put on it is necessary slowly, in a quiet situation, at the same time helping and directing the child.

The most important that parents need to understand – it is necessary to provide any training consistently, trying not to go too far and be given. Then gradually you together will achieve good results.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team