How to teach the child to be polite

How to teach the child to be polite

The politeness is the integral attribute of education. It is necessary to accustom the child to it since early childhood as soon as he begins to pronounce the first words. Own example has paramount value here.


1. As well as the child can impart the majority of skills, politeness in the course of the game. For example, it is possible to organize a tea drinking with dolls, and in the course of the game to show how it is necessary to behave what to tell at any given moment.

2. In ordinary life also you should not forget about polite words. For example, in the requests turned to the child, it is necessary to use the word "please", and it is obligatory to tell "thanks" when the child something made useful. As a result it will become for it the norm.

3. Very often happens that parents miss the moment, and the child learns to try to obtain everything without politeness, mandative tone. It can be corrected. When the child begins to demand something in the habitual manner, you should not respond on his request. It is necessary to wait when the polite address then it is worth answering it is heard and to satisfy a request.

4. Use of punishment and the requirement to be polite will not give the expected effect. It will only teach the child to use polite words in the purposes, but will not make this action intelligent. He has to learn to understand the meaning of these words.

5. Skills of the polite address are formed, first of all, in family. If parents communicate with each other, using polite words, then and the child quickly will get used to them and will learn to use them correctly.

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