How to teach the child to breathe a nose

How to teach the child to breathe a nose

The correct breath is capable to prevent many diseases. Air, passing through a nose, it is humidified, warmed, excess parts of dust and microbes also settle here. This, some kind of, protective mechanisms of an organism. If the child breathes through the mouth, then he receives only 15% of the necessary volume of oxygen - experiences constant oxygen starvation. Also correct differentiation of a nasal and oral exhalation is necessary for the correct statement of sounds and a fonation of the speech.

It is required to you

  • - consultation of the ENT specialist;
  • - adenoktomiya;
  • - consultation of the logopedist;
  • - special respiratory gymnastics;
  • - preortodontichesky treyner.


1. Undergo inspection at the ENT specialist. The doctor will establish possible causes of infringement of nasal breath. It can be a curvature of a nasal partition, polyps, adenoides. By results of inspection the conservative or expeditious treatment (adenoktomiya or removal of polyps) will be offered to you. It is better to combine drug treatment with physiotherapy (laser therapy or Ural federal district).

2. Address the logopedist for setting of nasal breath. The special respiratory gymnastics will be offered you: make 10 breaths/exhalations through the right, and then left nostril (about 4 — 6 seconds), in turn closing one of nostrils a thumb. One more exercise: on a breath show resistance to air, for this purpose press fingers on nose wings.

3. Try to switch off oral breath by a language tip raising to a hard palate. Make a quiet breath, then on an exhalation tap with fingers on wings of a nose and at the same time you say syllables oh - to a bean. At the same time train also the correct belly type of breath. The gymnastics not only learns to breathe correctly, but also is useful for statement of sounds at children with a rinolaliya.

4. If you are not helped by gymnastics, try a preortodontichesky treyner. To the child for one hour in the afternoon and on all night long dress a preortodontichesky treyner of blue color, and before it dig in a nose of "IRS19". If to stock up with patience and to support the child, then in three months the nasal breath will be restored. At first the child can lose a treyner at night and wake up without device. It is a usual situation, there is it because the muscle surrounding a mouth first very weak and cannot hold the device in a mouth at night. After a while this problem will disappear. Breath to be restored rather if to carry the device every day. It is very simple to look after a treyner, it is enough to wash of him with warm water after each carrying and to store to a special clean box.

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