How to teach the child to collect a pyramid

How to teach the child to collect a pyramid

Children's pyramid – an excellent universal toy which allows the child to learn coordination of movements and spatial thinking. The kid can offer the first games with a pyramid at the age of 4-5 months when he begins to creep actively.


1. Begin with a right choice of a toy. Pyramids are made of various materials: plastic, wooden, soft of fabric, rubber. For the first classes stop on plastic better or rubber – it is convenient to wash them, and remains pull everything in a mouth. Before purchase attentively examine a toy – on it there should not be roughnesses, a pungent smell, the flaking covering.

2. If the kid already turns over on a stomach and creeps, stimulate the movement of the child - spread out rings from a pyramid at different distance from it. Ask the kid to crawl to a ringlet and to take it. Thus it has to collect all ringlets, and also will develop muscles. Such games an excellent opportunity to learn to be guided in space.

3. If the baby already sits, it should try to string collected ringlets on a core. For a start you have to show how it becomes. You take each ringlet, you call color, you put on a midstream. Then you sort upside-down, also with the name of flowers. Do not wait that the baby will begin to repeat your actions at once. Most likely, he will still only clumsily try, but your task to help and praise the kid.

4. Several pyramids from different material will be necessary for you for a next game. Scatter ringlets separately and ask the child to collect pyramids correctly – a wooden ringlet on a wooden core, a plastic ringlet on a plastic core. Shuffle of objects with various texture develops fine motor skills and also the kid will learn to sort objects of a certain sign.

5. Independently make the simplest game with rings from a pyramid. The rings strung on a rope serve for the kid as both a rattle, and the teether for teeth, and develop fine motor skills.

6. It is necessary to return to conscious collecting of a pyramid after a year. At this time try to teach the kid not only to string ringlets, but also to do it taking into account the ring size. For this purpose at first spread out ringlets before the child and show that one ring is more than another that there is a ring big, and there is absolutely small. So you will prepare the child for a concept big-small.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team