How to teach the child to do homework independently

How to teach the child to do homework independently

Daily to pupils at school give homeworks. Modern parents owing to the load sometimes have no opportunity every day to control process of self-training of the child. However it is dangerous to neglect control over the implementation of homeworks, it can result pretty fast in deplorable results in study. How to teach the child to do homework independently?


1. It is unlikely the child will decide voluntarily that it is much more important to strain and draw infinite hooks, than to drive a ball on the street or to play enough with a favourite doll. Therefore begin with creation of resistant motivation to the doctrine. It has to develop by the beginning of training at school and be shown in stable desire of the child to learn something new, to expand for itself borders experienced and understood. Along with growth of motive to training it is necessary to release control borders very carefully. For example, to give a task to dust and not to check at once, and, say, next day – and it is obligatory to praise and emphasize as far as he already grew up and became independent.

2. The child went to the first class. You do not hurry to neglect everything at all – to it and it is so very heavy to reconstruct all the life moreover and to master the program which now very hard. Therefore the first months perform tasks only in common, with expression of full interest in the mastered material, with a constant praise and support. Ideally joint preparation of homework has to happen over all first class. Only it is possible to allow the child to execute independently some written exercises in the spring, but only after full analysis of tasks to them. And after – obligatory check.

3. As your child is gradually involved in process of independent doing homework, it is necessary to support and encourage this process in every possible way. Remember that you have to help, only if the child asks you. And to know for sure – when he really does not cope independently and when – just is lazy. The parent should not sit constantly near the child and look together with him in a notebook, doing homework is the first stage of development of the independent personality. Children whom did not teach to be engaged independently grow up flabby, lacking initiative and passive.

4. From the second half of the year of the second class it is already possible to introduce just control of tasks, but it lasts up to high school. And it is impossible to release it under no circumstances. Since an average link rather just the question "Did You Make Lessons?" and regular viewing the diary. If the situation went wrong, it is necessary to find out the reason of lack of desire of independent preparation and to fix a problem.

5. The child always has to receive the help if something is impossible to him in doing homework. The main thing – the best cannot allow decrease in motivation to be, to be the first, to try to obtain success. For this purpose constantly support and you praise the child for all his progress, irrespective of age.

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