How to teach the child to do quickly homework

How to teach the child to do quickly homework

Very few people from children like to perform school homeworks. Usually they seek to complete this process as soon as possible to seize upon computer games, or, on the contrary, delay it till late evening. The best way to force the child to do quickly homework is in that most to interest him in it.


1. If your child lovesto dolessons for the reason that he cannot wait to sit down rather at the computer, you do not say not to him at all that the quicker he will cope with work, the earlier he will be able to take the place behind the monitor. Tell it better that the computer here - at all not a hindrance. It is possible to perform homeworks and with its help. Even if at school accept them only in a hand-written look, the car can be used as the convenient electronic draft copy to which it is possible to make corrections quickly. And modern children are able to type the text on the keyboard far quicker, than to write on paper. It is necessary to rewrite a final version in a notebook only once - when it is completely ready.

2. If the child insists that during doing homework the TV was turned on, do not interfere with it. Practice shows that the sound background is capable and not to distract in case it is absolutely quiet. 

3. Many children difficult are given learning by heart something - from verses to chapters of the textbook of history. Here also the computer or any device with function of a dictophone - at least the mobile phone will help. Let the child, having come from school, once itself will dictate the text which he should remember. Then include reproduction of the made record each ten minutes, and so till the moment when comes it is time to sleep. The child himself will not notice how he will learn everything by heart.

4. Teach the child to use when storing dates methods of a mnemonics. This skill very much is useful to it when studying history.

5. If any school subject seems to your child boring, interest him. For example, helping it to perform homework for physics, try to repeat together with it the experiment seen by it before it at a lesson (under a condition, certainly, that this experience is safe), even in case it was not set. Tell it in a fascinating form what from measured in the course of the made experiment of sizes corresponds to what faceless, apparently, letter in a formula.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team