How to teach the child to draw birds

How to teach the child to draw birds

The first attempts of the child to draw a birdie can be not absolutely successful – it will be not always possible to understand who exactly is represented by a children's hand. However you can help the kid, having noticed his creative rush. Try to draw together with it a bird, in passing explaining rules of creation of a sketch. Even the minimum volume of knowledge will become excellent base for independent experiments of the young artist.


1. Find in the Internet of the photo of birds of different breeds. Explain to the child that their images consist of simple geometrical figures. It is possible to print a photo and a pencil to outline an oval in the trunk basis, circles of the head and eyes, a triangle of a beak, a circle half instead of wings and the extended oval or a rectangle instead of a tail. Paws can be represented straight lines.

2. Try to draw a bird together with the child, making her of such figures. That the image looked naturally, explain how various parts have to connect a single whole. Tell that birds, as well as at the person, have a backbone, and draw it with a straight line in an oval trunk. Prolong this piece out of its limits, designating a neck, and add to it the round head. By the same principle consider with the kid arrangement in the drawing of pads, a tail, wings.

3. The bird will be recognizable in case proportions of the drawing are correct, same, as at birds of that breed whom you represent. Apply a pencil to the photo of a bird. Its end has to coincide with a head contour. On the opposite side of a contour of the head apply a finger to a pencil. Holding a finger on a pencil, transfer it to a trunk and consider how many small pieces are located in big. Even if the child will not be able to observe exact proportions, he will define that the head is less than trunk, and the tail is longer than paws.

4. When the sketch is ready, erase all excess lines. If a bird multi-colored, circle with a pencil contour of a spot which will need to be painted over different shades. So the child will not get confused during drawing and will not forget that it is necessary to enter a new color.

5. The felt-tip pens and markers loved by children well will be suitable for creation of the invoice reminding feathers. Copies with wide tips will be necessary for you. Let the kid will try to draw a line on the draft copy. One stroke will correspond to one feather. Together with the child paint the drawing. Show it that the direction of the line has to coincide with arrangement of a feather on a trunk of a bird. Edges of the next strokes quite can accumulate at each other. For the sites covered with smaller feathers it is possible to take a felt-tip pen with narrower core.

6. When the child masters this material, it is possible to try to paint a bird with paints. Take, for example, gouache and a rigid brush (bristle or synthetics). Here one dab will also represent one feather, but the image will look easier and air.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team