How to teach the child to drink from a cup

How to teach the child to drink from a cup

Long use of a small bottle nipples for the kid can affect health of his teeth and a stomach therefore it is very important, in time to teach the child to drink from a cup. Independently to drink process of training of the child from a mug, it is difficult and easy at the same time. It is easy to teach the child to all that is done by parents (example), and the complexity consists in patience and the sequence of adults.


1. From 6-month age the child begins to show interest in objects which parents use. During this period children are very easily trained in elementary physiological actions, to drink not from a small bottle, and from a cup, is from a spoon, to eat the food containing pieces. During this period it is just necessary to accustom the child to adult food.

2. From six-month-old age children, as a rule, reach for a cup which is seen in hands at the parents having tea. Let's the child try a drink accurately from a mug. If the child did not choke and well took a sip, repeat still.

3. It is necessary to accustom constantly, having developed a system. At first the adult holds a mug, and the child only drinks. Gradually the child himself picks up a mug and drinks, and parents just secure.

4. To 9-month age the child is capable already to hold strong a cup and to drink independently. There are special circles of a neprolivashka, it is possible to use them, but then the child will not spill on himself, and he will not develop skill of care. If from a cup the kid spills liquid on himself, he will feel discomfort will learn to hold it correctly quicker.

5. When to the child pour in a cup his favourite drink – juice, compote, kissel, he will quicker learn to handle a mug independently. If you already began to accustom the child to a cup, it is desirable to tell "farewell" a small bottle with a pacifier.

6. To teach the child to drink from a cup, parents will need a lot of patience and forces. But the result will exceed your expectations, the child will grow accurate and independent. You will be proud of the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team