How to teach the child to drink from a small bottle

How to teach the child to drink from a small bottle

Natural feeding – the best that is thought up by the nature for the kid and mother. But how to be if there is not enough milk, or mom needs to leave, leave, go to hospital, to attend classes at institute, etc.? It is necessary to acquaint the baby with a small bottle.


1. In development of the child there are stages important for development of key skills by it. During these periods the kid learns to eat, hold independently a cup, refuses a daytime sleep. Try to carry out the first acquaintance of the baby to a small bottle in time, favorable for innovations. Such moment comes approximately in four-six weeks after the birth of the baby when mom has already was established lactation, but the baby is still ready "to accept" a small bottle. Having missed suitable time, it will be more difficult to accustom the child to it.

2. Get a physiological small bottle with the nozzles repeating a shape of a female nipple. Today they are on sale in any pharmacy. Speed of receipt of milk in them is quite small also to the baby to be sated, it is necessary "to work" as well as when breastfeeding. To check "correctness" of the bought pacifier, turn a small bottle upside down. Liquid should not flow from it in any way – either large drops, or small. Contents of a small bottle have to come frequent drops only when pressing to the extending part of a pacifier.

3. The first acquaintance sometimes takes place not really smoothly. The kid turns away, cries, persistently demanding a breast. In that case do not force him. Postpone attempt for three-four days and then repeat an experiment again – so far the baby will not get used. Try to use cunning a little – to offer a small bottle at night or early in the morning while the kid yet not absolutely woke up. Prevents to take some kids its smell of mom reminding of feeding by a breast. Then let a small bottle dad or someone will offer the kid another, for example the grandmother.

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