How to teach the child to float about one year

How to teach the child to float about one year

Till the birth the child learns that water - the most comfortable environment. In mother's womb to it it is good and cozy. After birth at the baby for a long time (up to three months) the swimming reflex remains. If at this time to begin training in swimming, he will master this skill with ease.


1. You can use for schooling to swimming the paddling pool with heating of water or a usual adult house bathtub. If desired it is possible to sign up for special courses, but it is necessary to visit them only with 2-3 monthly babies. Begin classes in house conditions when the kid is 2-4 weeks old from the birth. Mom needs to learn as much as possible about baby swimming, it is better to take a course of lectures in the developing centers, at children's policlinic or the pool. The instructor will show as it is correct to keep the baby in water, to overturn from a stomach on a back, on the contrary, to help it to work legs and handles. It is possible to invite the expert to the house.

2. For the three-months child the house bathtub becomes close, then it is necessary to pass into the pool. Choose for the procedure certain time from a day regimen of the child. He has to be full, not want to sleep, the kid has to feel a positive spirit and confidence of the adult.

3. Before swimming carry out dynamic gymnastics which will warm muscles and will give them additional loading. Clean a bathtub by means of the cleaning solution, you can process in addition the room quartz. Add several drops of soda and iodine, potassium permanganate to water. On the first occupation its temperature has to be +37 degrees. With its each occupation it is necessary to lower, bring to 28 degrees gradually. To the baby it has to be comfortable, but not too warmly that he wanted to move actively. You can accustom the kid to cool water as follows. After each occupation rinse legs with cold water.

4. If at the child the adaptation to swimming takes place difficult, it is possible to plunge into water together with it. So he will quicker get used to feelings. Perhaps, to him will be quieter and he will quicker master skills.

5. You keep one palm the child under a chin and under a breast, and another - for a nape. In such a way it is possible to teach to swim on chest. You hold the kid one hand by a chin, another strong capture ankles and move them, imitating the movement of a dolphin a tail up-down. If to teach swimming together with somebody else, then in parallel you can move the child's handles in ""crawl"" or ""breast stroke"" style.

6. Some children do not like to swim on a back, occasionally offer the kid and such option, overturning it on a back from time to time. Make several heats back and forth, imitating the eight. Gradually the kid to learn to make a start from bathtub walls. Children quickly begin to enjoy and love similar exercises.

7. After development of skills of swimming on a back and a stomach, you can try to dive. It is necessary to do it gradually. When he makes swimming movements sharply and accurately tell him ""we dive!"" what will serve as a signal. Slightly blow to it in the face, the child will close eyes and will hold the breath. Right there water water on a face. Look at reaction of the kid if everything is all right you can start diving.

8. Blow to the baby and ship it in water so that it entered it with the top, then at once bring him to a surface. When the kid comes up with your help praise him. At first divings have to be short, gradually pass to longer. Wait so far the child will get used. Not to lose skills safely you pass into the pool in process of growth of the kid.

9. You can not interrupt studies in the summer, using, for example, at the dacha the inflatable pool.

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