How to teach the child to forms

How to teach the child to forms

One day you decided that your kid already rather adult to learn to distinguish geometrical forms. For training of the child in it 1-2 years there are special game techniques.


1. Begin training with a small amount of volume figures such as sphere and cube. Because they for the child are the most familiar in the form of habitual toys: cubes and balls.

2. Everything has to occur in the form of a game. For example, when you play with the kid in a ball, besides its name, say every time: "A round ball", and about a toy of a cubic form - "square". It is possible to add that the ball slides, and the cube is not. Clearly demonstrate it and suggest the child most to try. So it will be easier for it to acquire features of each figure.

3. You ask the child to bring you a circle or a square. After he understands that it is a cube and a ball, begin to show him other objects of the same form: orange, plate, compact disk, handkerchief, etc.

4. You stick together together from color plasticine of a figure various forms, calling them. Suggest the kid most to stick together the detail called by you later.

5. To teach the child to forms by means of toys, pyramids which need to be put from details of the most various forms well approach. It is good if they are different flowers. It is also quite good to use a special sorter or a bucket with cells of a certain configuration in which it is necessary to ask the child to place the corresponding figures.

6. Suggest the child to spread out them on several boxes the objects which are in advance cut out from cardboard – triangles, circles, etc.: squares – in one, rectangles – in another, etc. On these tanks the corresponding geometrical figures have to be drawn or pasted.

7. All children like to draw. Put several fat end repeating a form of a certain figure to paper, and suggest it to connect them. Always call the received detail.

8. Do everything together. Be patient and benevolent. Surely you praise the child, after each case of the correct stay or naming of a figure. You learn effortlessly, and you will manage to teach without special work the child to forms.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team