How to teach the child to go independently to a toilet

How to teach the child to go independently to a toilet

All kids develop differently, there are no accurate rules and universal recommendations when to pass from diapers to use of a pot. It is unconditional that schooling to a toilet – the important period in life of the kid and very burning topic for parents.


1. Owing to the age physiological features the child up to 1.5 years cannot be clean. Be ready also to that, as after approach of this age at the kid not at once everything will smoothly turn out. During this period children master a set of other things, and a pot for them not on the first place. At most of kids the readiness for training in skills of an independent toilet at the intellectual and physical level develops aged from 1.5 up to 2.5 years.

2. Pay attention to signs on which you will be able to understand whether your child is ready to development of "toilet" skills. The kid has to understand the speech turned to him, simple requests; to be able or try to remove and put on shorts; to show interest in circulation on a pot; to sound the feelings, to show a mimicry, words or gesture that he wants in a toilet, is hungry, etc.

3. Get a convenient, steady pot and you always keep it in the place, available to the baby. Let the kid try to sit on him, experiments. Watch the child, trying to land him on a pot when it has a chair. As a rule, it can occur in 20-30 minutes after meal, in the morning after a dream. If at the baby everything turns out, praise it.

4. If after a daytime sleep the child wakes up dry, try to replace diapers with waterproof or usual shorts. On a bed lay an oilcloth, and put a pot nearby. The ability to control a bladder develops at children in the last turn at night. Therefore so far leave a diaper for a dream at night, move away him only when the kid begins to wake up in dry diapers regularly.

5. You can pass to development of a toilet bowl when the kid learns to use a pot regularly during the day. Get the special seat suitable the child by the size. On it he will feel much more surely, without being afraid to fail. It is convenient to use a support step which will help the child to reach a toilet bowl or a sink. Do not abuse the kid if not everything turns out smoothly, develop his self-confidence. If training takes place not really successfully, it is better to take for a while a break to return to development of a toilet later.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team