How to teach the child to go quickly

How to teach the child to go quickly

Physically developed musculoskeletal device of the child korrelyativno stimulates development of all bodies and the systems of an organism. Children who learned to go quickly – before peers have more developed I.Q.

It is required to you

  • Footwear for the kid on a firm sole.


1. Before your kid learns to sit, enter into daily practice a set of exercises for development of the musculoskeletal device. Begin exercises with the first weeks of life of the child, they are very useful to it and promote strengthening of a bone and muscular system. Carry out a complex at first 2-3 minutes, then gradually increase time of classes up to 8-10 minutes. Begin with light massage of extremities, the direction of movements has to be from fingers up: to coxofemoral joints of legs and to a shoulder joint of hands. In process of growth of the kid, add gymnastics elements to massage. Bend and unbend the child's legs, carrying out passive "bicycle". Imitate walking in a prone position on a back, this exercise well strengthens ligaments of knee joints. Take the snout of the kid, let will rest against your palms and makes a start. Usually these exercises give to kids pleasure. When the child learns to hold a head – begin to drive him, holding under mice. Reflex the kid will rearrange legs, at first on several seconds – then gradually increase time.

2. As the kid learns to sit independently, he gradually will make attempts to movement. At first he will learn to creep, it needs to be encouraged. As the child begins to creep actively – at him spatial feelings will develop. Do not interfere with crawling of the child and do not limit the territory of his free movements by an arena. In process of development by the kid of the space – just protect it from possible injuries. Cover acute angles with something soft, for example pillows or a blanket. Place bright toys about the room, it will be an additional informative incentive for the child. Never abuse the kid if he does something is not right. You praise and encourage, your emotional support is extremely important for the child.

3. As soon as the child independently tries to rise and go – provide him a support for movement. It can be pieces of furniture, children often use them for balance deduction. Make to it a horizontal bar: fix one of crossbeams across a bed. It will soon reach for it and to use for a support. Suspend several small toys to a horizontal bar, trying to reach them – the kid will stand on the feet more firmly. When he masters the first steps and will independently move or by a hand – stimulate this skill as often as possible. Suggest the kid to roll independently the carriage, usually they with pleasure do it. You do not seek to use walkers. Contrary to popular belief in them as about exercise machines for walking – it is noticed that children "from walkers" start walking independently after peers. It is explained with lack of an incentive for the child and also walkers do not develop feeling of balance. Besides, traumatism cases when using walkers meet quite often – the child can turn over in them. The aspiration to teach the child to go quickly by all means will yield the results in the development plan for his intelligence.

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