How to teach the child to go to a pot

How to teach the child to go to a pot

The question of schooling of the kid to a pot takes the important place in development and education of the child. On this subject there are many councils and the ideas. But the main thing in this case is a patience of parents and the sequence of actions.


1. The kid has to be physiologically ready to schooling to go to a pot. In an interval from a year to one and a half years the child begins to feel filling of a bladder and a desire to urination. During this period it is possible to acquaint the child with a pot.

2. Let the kid will get used to a new subject. Leave a pot in the room where, there is a baby. When the child becomes interested in a new subject, tell it for what it is necessary and put the kid on a pot. It is important that the pot was convenient for the kid.

3. Set the child a bright example as it is necessary to use a pot. Let the senior brother or the sister, or the child, the comer on a visit and able to go to a pot will help with it.

4. Refuse disposable diapers when the kid is at home. The child has to realize communication between wet panties and desires to urination. When dirty trousers become unpleasant to the kid, explain to him that if he makes the affairs on a pot, then his shorts will remain dry and clean. Put on to the child comfortable panties or shorts on an elastic band that the kid easily dressed and removed them.

5. If you noticed that the chair at the child happens regularly at the same time, imprison him on a pot no more, than for 5-10 minutes. Also it is necessary to put the kid after feeding, before going to bed and after a prosypaniye.

6. When at last the child makes on a pot what you from it wait for, praise it. For further successful fixing of result it is important to child to know that he did right thing, and it is pleasant to mom. And next time it will want to please you again.

7. Periodically remind the kid that it is time on a pot if he plays.

8. Never abuse the child and you do not shout at him if it wetted panties or did not want to sit on a pot. Otherwise the child will experience unpleasant emotions at the sight of a pot and absolutely will refuse to go to it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team