How to teach the child to greet

How to teach the child to greet

The ill-mannered person in society, as a rule, is perceived negatively even if he has huge amount of other remarkable qualities. And it concerns not only adults, but also children. Therefore parents have to impart to the kid politeness from his earliest age. It is especially important in time to teach the child to greet.


1. Often the child can refuse the words of a greeting because he just does not understand for what they are necessary. From adults in this situation only the patience and endurance is required. They have to friendly, without edifications, to explain with available language to the child why it is necessary to greet.

2. The child can sometimes become the involuntary witness of a conversation in which parents badly speak of the acquaintances whom they friendly greet then. Naturally, the kid can just get confused in what is good and correct and that is not present. Never show to the child double standards of behavior.

3. Sometimes the child does not greet just because he does not want to do it at present. You do not press on the kid, allow it to develop at the speed, quietly explain to him few times why it is so important to greet. Mom and dad for the small child – the main people in the world, therefore your words for it – the present manual to action.

4. To teach the child to greet not difficult if every day to show him this simple business on the example. Welcome familiar people, neighbors and the family in the presence of the kid the first, it is loud also with pleasure. Greet the child, without demanding it from him. In such atmosphere the kid will understand that to greet is a norm. And very soon he will begin to copy your behavior, i.e. to greet the people surrounding it.

5. Think up a game in which all toys greet with each other the help of various words of a greeting with the kid. Thus, it will be easier for you to inform the child that people, also as well as a doll, the robot or a teddy bear, always greet with each other.

6. Read to the child the fairy tale which characters greet with each other all the time. Tell him that through the words of a greeting we give to people good wishes and the love. Or invent the story "What Happens if All Cease to Greet?".

7. Allow the kid not to greet any given person. But explain to him as what did not greet felt. Ask the child as he will feel if someone just does not notice it and will not tell it the pleasant magic words of a greeting.

8. After each words of a greeting pronounced by the child praise it enthusiastic words. The praise for kids – an excellent incentive to master rules of conduct.

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