How to teach the child to handle the computer

How to teach the child to handle the computer

In the modern world children very much early join the computer. We are not surprised any more by one-year-old kids who show keen interest in the equipment. Since early years children seek to gain knowledge which will be useful to them in the future. Therefore it is important to teach the child to handle the computer.


1. The child aged up to three years can allow to play a mouse. Let the kid try to press buttons and to twist a wheel. Buy to the kid the special children's computer. On it he will be able to receive skills of handling of the keyboard.

2. Show to the child as the computer joins and switched off. Emphasize that the computer is a working tool which you can use for business.

3. The computer chair for the child has to be with height regulator. You watch that the distance between eyes of the kid and the monitor was not less than 60 centimeters. Track a bearing. Hands have to be at the level of elbows. Computer lessons with children of younger preschool age should not last longer than 10 minutes.

4. Children of the advanced preschool age can already study simple manipulations with a mouse. Show how to use it. Watching your actions, the child will quickly master a way of management of a mouse. Moving a mouse, he will see movements of the cursor on the monitor screen.

5. Studying the keyboard, explain to the child purpose of keys on it. Show "hot" keys, tell in what cases to use them.

6. Let's the child consider a desktop on the monitor. Let the child will try to select folders with click of the button of a mouse. Create the folder together with the kid. Teach to move the folder, to open it.

7. Acquaint the child with the graphic editor where he will be able to draw, operating a mouse. Having learned letters, the kid will be able to print syllables and words.

8. Show how to use the disk drive and a flash card. Accustom the child to handle disks accurately. Buy the training games on disks. A huge number of such programs will allow you to broaden horizons of the kid, to develop his analytical skills.

9. Content of games has to be interesting, simple and emotionally attractive to children. Playing on the computer, the child to learn to switch from one action to another, to make independent decisions.

10. Do not forget that for each age there are games. Always at first see new disks. After completion of classes with the kid show how it is correct and correct to switch off the computer. Take care of the password for turning on of the computer.

11. Remember that time spent by the child at the computer never will replace with itself outdoor games. The computer has to become the manual and the assistant for the child in the future.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team