How to teach the child to hold a spoon

How to teach the child to hold a spoon

Now children very quickly develop and already by the end of the first year of life the parents allow to sit to their beloved child together with them at one table. From this point parents should beginning to train the child properly to behave at a table and to use tableware. And the first device with which it is necessary to begin training is a spoon.


1. Try to explain to the child that it is impossible to take food hands. Show him as you and all members of your family eat with a spoon. Kids like to imitate movements of adults.

2. Buy for the kid better a plastic "French" spoon and a plateau "with suckers" which will not allow the child to turn it on a floor once again. Ask in children's shops, usually they are on sale in set, and spoons are provided both for right-handed persons, and for lefthanders.

3. Show to the child as it is necessary to scoop food and to put a spoon in a mouth, holding at the same time its handle. And so repeat several times, then give it the chance most to try to make it. Do not focus attention to the food which fell to a floor, it you will distract attention of the child.

4. Accustom the child to keep correctly a spoon three fingers, but not in a cam as subsequently this habit will be difficult to be eradicated.

5. You should not be irritated if the child does not obey you as he needs time for training and coordinating of the movements. You do not hurry him that all food got into a mouth. And the soiled clothes and the bedaubed person it is inevitable.

6. Do not insist if at present the child is not ready to eat independently, so you can fight off him both desire, and interest. Give in hands a spoon better each feeding in order that the kid could get used to the new device.

7. You praise the child, you speak what he is a good fellow – itself eats, it will stimulate interest at the kid. Training of the child as is correct to hold a spoon - natural process, just time and patience of parents for this purpose is necessary.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team