How to teach the child to jump

How to teach the child to jump

Some parents begin to worry strongly when they notice that their kids are not able to jump not only on the place at all, but also to jump off from any small height, for example, from a roadside border. In general, the inability to jump up to three years is considered the normal phenomenon. To teach the child to do it not so difficult. The most important here — presence of good physical training at the tot.


1. To teach the child to jump, it is necessary to prepare him for this new skill physically. Are very important for jumps: formation of the musculoskeletal device, strong muscles of legs of the kid, fortress of bones and ligaments, ability to keep balance.

2. It is possible to improve physical training of the child before training in jumps by means of a complex of gymnastic exercises to which squats, bending of legs in a prone position on a back, circulation on socks, exercise "bicycle" belong. To teach the child to jump, it is regularly necessary to do with him swimming, dances, to carry out exercises on balance, for example, to go on a log and also to do to the kid massage.

3. Trying to make the first jumps, children, as a rule, hard fall by all surface of foot, they almost do not bend knees, and the movements of their hands and legs are badly coordinated among themselves. Therefore to teach the child it is recommended to jump on a soft surface, for example, on a sofa, on a mattress, on a trampoline, explaining at the same time that it is necessary to land only on socks.

4. All classes directed to training of the child in jumps have to be held in playful way. For example, with the kid it is possible to play the little young frogs hunting for flies and mosquitoes. Inducing the child to new actions, parents I can suggest him to jump to a hummock, to catch the mosquito flying over the head, to jump through a log.

5. In the course of training in jumps by the excellent assistant the trampoline is. At first the kid can jump on him, holding mother's hands, and then a wall, a windowsill or a back of a chair.

6. The child it is possible to learn to jump off from a sofa on soft pillows, to jump through small objects, for example, over toys. At the same time the kid should be held strong for handles.

7. Mom and dad, having taken the kid by hands, can jump together with him.

8. Setting the child an example of how correctly it is necessary to jump, parents have to keep saying at the same time: "jump as mom (as a kangaroo, as a hare, as a frog)".

9. At first at kids it turns out to jump up on two legs. Then they seize ability to jump up with advance forward, to jump through various lines on a floor or cracks on asphalt. After that children, as a rule, learn to jump in length from the place, then to jump off from low objects and, at last, to jump up up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team