How to teach the child to jump on a jump rope

How to teach the child to jump on a jump rope

Jumps through a jump rope allow children to develop coordination of movements, dexterity and speed. This great exercise both for girls, and for boys.

It is required to you

  • - rope or rubber jump rope.


1. To train children to jump on a jump rope it is possible to begin already with summer4 age. Pick up a jump rope according to growth of the child. Ask the kid to get up on the middle of a jump rope both legs, to pull its ends the bent hands to armpits. If a jump rope long, adjust it.

2. Show how it is correct to hold a jump rope. Take it for handles freely, do not strain a brush. The jump rope has to be behind and concern a floor. Let the kid himself will try to hold a jump rope.

3. Further teach the kid to rotate a jump rope correctly. Children usually try to twist all hand, correct them that rotated brushes (and hands have to be slightly bent). If this movement is impossible to the child, cut a jump rope on two halves that the child learned to twist a jump rope at first one hand, then the second and both hands together.

4. When the child learns to rotate synchronously a jump rope both hands, begin to teach him to jump. Do together with him the following exercises. Rise on toes and cross on heels and vice versa. Then it is possible to add a jump rope, to throw it, to break serially each leg and to repeat all movements at first.

5. Very well a game in a tag helps to teach to jump through a jump rope. Driving twists a jump rope, and players have to jump through it, making a start from a floor two legs at the same time. Make a game even more interestingly, let children, jumping through a jump rope, wave a hand as birdies.

6. Preparatory exercises will help to coordinate movements by hands and legs, and over time will learn to carry out several jumps in a row. It is also very important to teach children to land correctly on socks, it is elastic and is soft, falling by all foot.

7. At 5-year age children can master the most various jumps forward, back, with advance, jumping from one leg on another, cross-wise. Allow to think up him games with a jump rope, and kids with pleasure will jump.

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