How to teach the child to learn time

How to teach the child to learn time

Sooner or later parents should teach the child to learn time – it it is necessary that he could plan the affairs, control implementation of your requirements. The task is complicated by abstractness of time as concepts.


1. You need to inform of a concept of time the child. It is the simplest to make it on the example of change of day and night – explain to the child the sequence of change of morning, a lunch, evening, day and night.

2. On the example of a daily routine of the child explain him the sequence of events – after awakening he washes, has breakfast, etc. Use favourite fairy tales or stories, pronounce each stage from a position of the past and the present. Explain him concepts of the future, the present and the past. The present is what occurs now ("we talk to you, we play"). The future – what we will do tomorrow ("we will go to a zoo"). The past – what was done in the summer, for example ("went to the sea"). Focus attention on these aspects in the course of communication with the child during the day, during walk. That the child remembered better, compare time with significant events – a birthday of the kid, a meeting of New year, etc.

3. Buy the timer with big figures and colourful drawings – tell the kid what is minutes, hours and seconds. Compare time with actions – play with the child a game on determination of quantity of jumps (cottons, squats) which he will be able to make in a second, minute, several minutes.

4. Children remember seasons best of all. You need to create the necessary associations – fall and the falling-down leaves, winter and driving on the sledge, summer and swimming in the small river, spring and emergence of the first flowers. Use bright examples – discuss with the child a dress code at different times year.

5. Acquaint the child with has to be able to consider and understand why figures are necessary. Let hours hang in a visible place – train every day, unostentatiously suggesting the child to define time, give it tasks for several minutes, etc. At first he has to understand how the hour hand moves – connect a concept of 7 hours to awakening. Then explain to the child as the minute hand moves – you give the corresponding examples. In playful way you teach it to dispose of time – you ask it to come to you in 15 minutes, to go to bed in half an hour, etc.

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