How to teach the child to obey parents

How to teach the child to obey parents

Children's disobedience worsens relationship with the child and spoils nerves to all family members. How it is possible to exist peacefully, avoiding excess conflict situations? How to teach the child to obey parents? Try to become for him an example, having gained parental authority.


1. The dream of many parents is to be for the growing-up kid the real example, to be held in his respect and arrangement, irrespective of age. Being an authority for the child, it is much easier for mom or dad to explain to the kid what is good and what is bad. Remember that such authority needs constant development. You will be able to strengthen it only continuously developing as the personality. And it concerns even the cleverest and educated parents.

2. At the earliest age (till 1 year) mom is everything for the kid: she provides it existence. Therefore her parental authority is formed automatically at this time. Aged from a year up to three years to the child joint games are very important. In them mom and dad – the main carriers of knowledge of the world and objects. Besides games, it is very important to from three to six to discuss the books read together, animated films with the child. Do everything together, not excepting the child of the adulthood. In a game, study, communication and life without rules it will not turn out. Only consider that your requirements to the kid have to be distinct and proved. And all family members need to observe them. Do not forget also about the sequence: having resolved something once, you will not be able to explain to the child why same it is impossible – in another. Try not to abuse the bans. Let them concern only vitally dangerous things. It is very difficult for kid to whom all forbid to be obedient.

3. To the school student from 7 to 12 years the help of parents in study is necessary and important. Support him, help with establishing contacts with peers. Participate in his life, arrange campaigns, excursions, trips, tell about the professional activity. It will be strengthened by your parental authority and will provide gratitude of the child in the future. Your friendship with the son or the daughter who is based on natural authority helps children to adopt values and norms of parents. The acts the child seeks to cause parental approval and respect, and there is no reason left for children's disobedience in such family just.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team