How to teach the child to protect toys

How to teach the child to protect toys

Your child grows, and with age his needs for knowledge of the world around increase too. Any more not rattling toys rattles, and something more adult and developing are required for it. Of course, parents with pleasure buy to the child various machines, dolls, designers or musical toys. And the child also with big pleasure sorts or breaks them. Why it occurs and whether it is possible to teach the child though a little to appreciate the toys?

The child breaks a toy not just because it was not pleasant to him. It can happen because of mere curiosity. It is interesting to your child how the toy is arranged that is inside. For example, parents often say to the child that in the machine the uncle – the driver driving sits. Or where the water drunk by a doll or as the children's piano makes sounds gets. Mom and dad often excite curiosity in the child.

Also children break toys for the sake of attention of parents. Mom with dad work hard, not enough time is found for the kid, and such behavior is frequent compensate by purchase of a new toy. When parents see that the next machine was left without wheels, explanations begin that so cannot be done. And it already communication. The child the act also tried to obtain it.

It is better to accustom the kid to thrift from the earliest age, showing everything on the example. It is not necessary to get to the child of a toy "not on age". Take such which will be interesting to him now which he will love. For example, for the two-year-old kid it is possible to acquire books with pictures in a firm cover, toys for its development, pair of machines without fine details. And of course, to show as well as in what it is possible to play with such toys. The broken toys it is necessary "to treat" together with the child, at the same time to explain that to toys it is sick from his acts.

Books need to be read and considered together. First, it will be much more interesting to the child. So mom can explain what is drawn on pictures or to read the fairy tale. Secondly, during reading it is necessary to show to the child that sheets should be overturned accurately that it is forbidden to tear or gnaw them.

Remove and you ask the child to remove toys on the places. For this purpose let for each type of toys there will be the corner in the apartment. For example, to spread out machines in a garage, dolls and bears - to beds, small valuable things – in a box or a trunk, and books – on a regiment. Even if at the kid there are a lot of toys, it is not an occasion to leave them on a floor in the scattered look. The child has to acquire that it is bad to break or throw things. Parents should not admire such acts, and it is better to show very clearly that they are very upset.

If the child with "destructive" character, then it is worth paying attention to such toys which can be built and broken. These are cubes, designers. Let the kid before breaking, at first will construct.

To break everything is a step of development of the child. To teach to appreciate seriously things up to six years it is impossible because the feeling of care comes only after four years of life. What expensive and interesting toy was not, the attention of parents is more expensive to the child. Play with your kid, you spend together much time, and the feeling of thrift will come by itself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team