How to teach the child to put on quickly

How to teach the child to put on quickly

When in family the child, life is full of efforts and vanity. It is important not to be late in a garden, to the doctor, in school, for work, to come to a meeting in time. And not the last value has as far as the child well is able to cope with some of the duties independently. To teach the child to dress quickly itself much easier, than it seems, and advantage and the saved time of result of such lessons — the best award for parents.


1. If you want to teach the child to put on quickly, first of all in advance prepare for him clean, glazheny things which he should dress. Put them since evening to the place, comfortable and readily available for the child. Do not forget also about outerwear, if before an exit you find a spot on a jacket about which forgot from the previous walk, clothing speed will definitely not increase from the fact that you rush off to wash off it.

2. Try not to press on the child and not to use a remark in his address: "not so", "you do incorrectly", "yes where you saw that so put on", "you forgot to dress, clasp, get stuck", "give quicker that you as a turtle", etc. Praise it better and offer the help where it is really necessary. Hardly the child will get sick from a frostbite of the upper airways if he passes a button. And hardly he will be arrested on the street if the cap is put on back to front. And here encouragement and a praise will only increase his self-confidence and will accelerate process. After all, the flaw can always be corrected imperceptibly in the elevator or transport.

3. To teach the child to put on quickly, it is worth trying to fence off him from all bad associations which can be connected with this hard process. Try to replace at the initial stage a polo-neck which is so heavy for pulling through the head, a jacket on buttons and a scarf, and boots on a lightning and laces — boots on velcros. Observe the child, perhaps, some clothes difficult give in to him. Try to remove at first everything that causes in him difficulties in clothing and bad emotions, and only over time gradually return "hard" things in everyday life.

4. You can carry out clothing in playful way. Put children's hourglasses and think up a reward that the child met in time. Or arrange relay and put on with the child competing in speed. Only consider that that time for which you put on cannot be equal in any way to that time for which the child will put on. If hourglasses are calculated for one minute, or you will put on earlier, the child not only will not cope with a task, but also very much will be upset. As a last resort, send the child to put on a little earlier.

5. Motivate the child. Explain that if you hurry up now, then you will have more time for an evening game that you will catch the most magic bus that the breakfast in a garden will be more tasty if you come earlier. You say how you are proud of it what he became adult, independent as it is pleasant to you that he is already able to dress so well. Keep calm and be patient. Many things are much simpler, than seem.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team