How to teach the child to read if he does not want

How to teach the child to read if he does not want

The child who learned to read to school after receipt in it adapts to the training program much quicker. But what to do in case he does not show interest in training in reading?


1. First of all, at all do not force the child to training in the diploma. Children least willingly undertake that they are forced to make. Moreover, it is possible to resort to cunning: kind of accidentally to tell at the child to someone from house that doctors do not recommend to train children in reading to school because from it the eyesight is damaged. Forbidden fruit is sweetest, and the kid, perhaps, will want to break at once a doctor's advice.

2. If this reception did not work, tell the child that the literacy is an additional form of freedom. Being competent most, it is optional to involve in reading books of parents, relatives, to disturb them when they are busy. Tell the kid the poem by Valentin Berestov "As well to be able to read" - in it is as well as possible expressed this thought in shape, available to children's understanding.

3. Sometimes children begin to play computer games earlier, than master the diploma. It is an addiction, but the skilled parent will derive benefit for the child and from it. Ask the child whether he knows that the mysterious inscriptions arising on the screen on the game course designate and whether he wants to learn it. Tell it that in the future it is necessary to it on the computer not only to play, but also to work (it is possible to add: "as dad") that it is very interesting, but without knowledge of the diploma it is impossible. It is also possible to use programs for training of literacy in playful way or to buy the special children's computer where there are corresponding exercises.

4. In case the child shows interest in codes, secrets, it can also use for awakening at it of interest in reading. Suggest it to play "the intelligence agent" - to learn to solve "code" (actually - the usual text). He with much bigger hunting will begin to study under your management "secret signs" - usual letters, to learn to put from them words, phrases.

5. The elder brother who already studies at school physics, chemistry can draw the attention of the child to that fact that parents do not read it aloud anything, except the bored fairy tales long ago, to ask whether he wants to read the textbook for seniors, to learn from it about physical and chemical experiments, it is so interesting! At affirmative answer to begin train the child in the diploma the brother can.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team