How to teach the child to read independently

How to teach the child to read independently

Modern requirements to education impose more and more duties on parents. It is desirable that before receipt in school the kid was already able to read. It is necessary, first of all, for convenience of the child and his fast adaptation to training at school. In this regard before parents of preschool children there is a question: how to teach the child to read?

Begin with speech preparation

Before teaching the child to read, teach him to talk well. The important role in preparation for speech development and the subsequent reading is played by books. Since early childhood accustom the kid to listen to works which you read it. Create a so-called "zone of comfort" at acquaintance to literary characters.

If you read often and many to the child, to consider pictures, to talk according to their contents, then the type of the book will cause desire to take it and, further, to read in the child. Joint reading books also contributes to the development of figurative thinking. Further it not only will help when training the child in reading, but also it is useful for development of the general school program.  

During reading you drive a finger on letters. Let the child not only hear, but also sees from where the interesting story appears. Explain to him that all these stories can be read independently, it is only necessary to know letters and to be able to put syllables.

The techniques helping to teach the child to read

Starting directly training process, choose a technique by which you will be engaged with the child. Consider that the majority of ways and textbooks are calculated on age of five years. It is possible, of course, to try to teach to read the child of three years, but if the kid resists, stop this trying. And when training children of more erased age try not to insist on performance of tasks. The excessive persistence or your rage from failures can beat off desire to be engaged completely.

Choosing the book for training, you go to shop together with the child, so he will be more interested in process. Basic rule: among abundance of grants choose those which cornerstone logopedic techniques and systemacity are. For example, N.S. Zhukova's abc-book or N. Zaytsev's cubes.   

You remember: with the child it is necessary to learn not letters, but sounds. It contributes to the development of phonetic hearing. Then the child himself will associate a sound with a letter. Thus there will be a process of folding of letters in syllables and further independent reading.

To teach the child to read, begin with studying vowels, then acquaint him with ringing hard consonants, then breath consonants and, finally, hissing. Important remark: if the child has problems with sound pronunciation, to study will read to it much more difficult.

Repeat each learned sound several times. Together with studying sounds you pass to development of the simplest syllables (ma, mo). You say syllables drawlingly and you do not hurry to put them in words, it is the final stage of training. When all syllables are learned, teach the kid to read simple disyllabic words. So gradually the child himself will master great and very necessary ability – reading.     

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team