How to teach the child to remember verses

How to teach the child to remember verses

Learning of verses is necessary for enrichment of a lexicon of the child. It also forms skills of correct pronunciation, in other words - in every possible way cultivates the standard of speech. It is important to begin training in learning of verses at early age that the child was already prepared for school.

It is required to you

  • sheet of paper, pencil, patience, imagination, creative approach and positive spirit


1. Do not fall apart and do not abuse the child if he refuses to learn verses by heart, assuring what is not able to do it at all. You only aggravate with similar actions a situation and will reduce motivation of the kid. Try to apply the following technique.

2. Take the poem set for study and break it for convenience into the fragments consisting at least of 2 at most - from 4 lines.

3. Read each separate fragment of the poem and at once draw images which arose in imagination at the time of reading. Images can be placed in a column or in a line, but surely all right of following of poetic lines. Certainly, it will be much better if thinks out associative pictures and then to sketch the child. But at the beginning you have to explain clearly to him, how exactly it becomes.

4. Pay attention - the image elected by you is simpler, the it is easier to represent it and to understand. Therefore you should not go deep into difficult images and story lines. Be limited to the laconic, simple and clear picture which does not demand additional reflections.

5. Further ask the child to tell you the poem, but he has to be guided at the same time only by associative images.

6. At the final stage the child has to tell the poem, using only the images which remained in memory. At this stage it is impossible to use any visual aids and texts.

7. Do not impose to the kid any image obvious to your perception at all, but absolutely unclear to it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team