How to teach the child to ride a bike

How to teach the child to ride a bike

Driving by bicycle – one of the most beloved entertainments as absolutely still the tiny kids who hardly learned to go and than kids is more senior. This occupation promotes strengthening of muscles of legs, improvement of work of a cardiovascular and respiratory system and also strengthening of immunity. To begin to teach the child to ride a bike it is possible since a year.


1. The first bicycle of the child – three-wheeled. With its help you need to train the kid in two actions, absolutely new to it: to drive and twist pedals.

2. Small tricycles best of all are suitable for driving in the apartment or on the small covered areas having a plain flat surface.

3. At first train the child in steering. Explain to him that if it turns a wheel, for example, to the right, the bicycle will go to the right and if it turns a wheel to the left, the bicycle will begin to move to the left. Take for a drive the kid on the apartment, having allowed it to drive, choosing the direction of the movement independently.

4. Only after the kid will master steering, begin to teach it to use pedals. Show to the child how his legs have to set pedals in motion, holding at the same time the young cyclist for hips.

5. Safely replace the child who learned to ride the tricycle to two-wheeled. Now your main task is to teach the kid to hold balance.

6. Choose as the platform for driving flat descent no more than 5 m long. Having seated the child on the bicycle, strong undertake his shoulders or a saddle of the two-wheeled vehicle. You do not hold a bicycle wheel at all, otherwise the kid will not be able to learn to hold balance independently.

7. Let the kid will begin to make a start from the earth legs as if would go on the scooter. Having driven up thus to descent, let will quickly put legs on a pedal, having made at the same time couple of turns.

8. If the bicycle continues to go exactly, without wagging, tell the child that it did not stop, and continued to move forward, twisting at the same time pedals. If the kid "lost balance", and the bicycle began to be unsteady here and there, advise the equestrian to pass into "the scooter mode" again.

9. With each such descent the quantity of turns legs will increase. As a result the child will remove legs from pedals only at the end of descent, and over time will learn to pass further at all, to be developed in the necessary party and to brake, when necessary.

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