How to teach the child to rinse a throat

How to teach the child to rinse a throat

Rinsings of a throat are one of methods of treatment of a disease of tonsils. Irrigating mucous membranes with medical solutions, you kill pathogenic bacteria, remove inflammation. Children it is necessary to learn to rinse a throat patiently and in playful way.


1. Begin with rinsing of a mouth. The child got used to swallow of water which gets to him into a mouth, but if you show how it is possible to release water streams, then the kid will surely become interested and will try to repeat. Explain to the child that it is necessary to rinse a mouth after a meal that teeth did not hurt.

2. At first accustom him that the throat needs to be cleaned – try to irrigate mucous of a spray or small medical pear. Incline the kid over the bathroom (that water from a mouth flew down down), ask to open a mouth and water a cavity with plain water, trying to turn the tool so that water reached tonsils. If at the child the emetic reflex is not expressed, then the procedure will not bring it special discomfort, and it will be gradually possible to pass directly to independent rinsing of a throat. If the kid reflex squeezes a throat, then it is better not to use such method – try to rinse a throat at once, standing, having thrown back the head back.

3. Begin to teach the child to rinse a throat clear boiled water because even if he will swallow a little, then it will not be terrible. Gradually, when the kid will learn to control the movements, it will be possible to try to rinse a throat medical solutions of which it is undesirable to swallow.

4. Tell the child the tale of how the cockerel choked with a bean kernel. Show how the cockerel tries to pull out a kernel, having kept silent and pobulkav it. At first at the child nothing will turn out, but if you train every day, then gradually he will understand how it is possible to gurgle water.

5. Use various games to show to the child as it is necessary to rinse a neck why it is important and it is necessary. Show on dolls and toys as it is necessary to treat a throat, dramatize diseases at various characters, play the doctor. Rinse a throat, setting the child an example. Attract to it other family members – let dad, the grandmother or the grandfather in turn show how it is necessary to perform the procedure. Do not forget to ask the kid that he told the letter "and" and stretched it as long as possible during rinsing. Repeat together with it that the child did not distract, otherwise he can choke and be frightened that will fix negative attitude to rinsing.

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