How to teach the child to spell in house conditions

How to teach the child to spell in house conditions

Quite often parents wish to teach the child to spell in house conditions even before receipt in school. Training in skills of reading can become serious test for the kid therefore this process has to happen step by step.


1. Decide at what age you want to teach the child to spell in house conditions. It is the best of all to begin it at 4-5-year age when the kid is able to speak fluently and unmistakably calls the majority of words known to him. Moreover, many experts advise surely to train the child in reading already from early age as his brain is more active at this time, than, for example, at younger school age.

2. Begin to teach the child to read with acquaintance with the alphabet. Today it is possible to find many in sale of the bright and colourful grants simplifying process of training for parents. Pay attention to books in which letters of the alphabet are drawn largely and accurately and at the same time are framed with drawings of objects which names begin with the corresponding symbol. Additional plus will be the sound frame when pressing the keys which are built in grants. In one day the kid can show 3-5 letters so that he remembered them without problems.

3. As soon as the child remembers all letters, it is required to you new training a grant which will contain the simplest words consisting of 1-2 syllables this time: "mom", "dad", "hectare la", etc. The child will already know the majority of these words aurally therefore he will be able quickly to remember their writing by visual memory. You do not hurry to pass to more difficult designs until the kid learns to read simple words entirely.

4. It is correct to teach the child to spell in house conditions – means, to constantly set the skills received by him. With it you will be helped by various games. For example, cut out from paper or get color letters from which it is possible to collect words already familiar to the kid. Call any of already studied words and ask to collect it on a floor or on a table. Together with it it is already possible to tell what is used for connection of two objects. As a result the child will learn to distinguish simple designs from two and more words.

5. Train your son or the daughter all in new syllables and pretexts. The majority of the modern training books and games have a sound frame and other active devices thanks to which the kid will be able independently to study, even without your participation. Do not forget to encourage it with tender words and small gifts for the achieved success. After a while the child will learn to read independently simple sentences and children's stories that surely will help at receipt in elementary school.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team