How to teach the child to talk

How to teach the child to talk

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Children can learn everything, but only on it it will be required much more time. If kid to learn and contribute to his development, he will grow up more cleverly and will be adapted. The speech is put even during pre-natal development and has a certain gene predisposition. To teach the child it is possible to talk the put term much earlier, it is necessary to pay it attention only.


1. It is noticed that mothers who talked to yet not born kid do not notice a deviation in a speech development in children. If you just think as you will teach the child to everything, talk to him more often, even in beginning pregnancies the embryo catches external sounds.

2. After the birth enter with the child dialogues though he and still nothing will not answer you. The kid develops much quicker if care for him. By the way, it is necessary to read books from the first days after birth. Read slowly with intonation and it is legible. When the kid grows up, let him pronounce words interesting to it with you aloud during reading.

3. Never distort a word. You tell them accurately and clear. If the child hears the distorted speech, he will follow the example too and will begin to break language, and to disaccustom to it then very difficult.

4. You do not pronounce compound and unclear words. You tell easily remembered and short phrases, the child will remember them and will begin to reproduce. If something is difficult to be told him, it of course will reduce a word, but it will pass over time and the speech will be more accurate.

5. You drive the child on the developing classes. Also visit of kindergarten will be not superfluous. Communication with children contributes to the general development of mentality and the speech in particular. Children study each other therefore they become bright and clever. Especially favorably communication with the senior children affects - kids study at them.

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