How to teach the child to tell the letter "r" and "l"

How to teach the child to tell the letter "r" and "l"

In case the child does not utter several letters, in particular, there is no "l" or "р", and an opportunity to visit lessons of the logopedist, parents can correct a situation. With it they will be helped by effective methods by means of which the kid shortly will begin to utter letters, difficult for it, well.


1. Here such you carry out exercises with the child if he does not utter the letter "r", replacing it in words with "l", "й". Put the child before yourself. Ask to look at your mouth when you say accurately the letter "r". The child will see the main actions of your lips and language and will try to repeat movements after you.

2. Strain lips, move apart them in the parties, show in a mouth to the child of the movement of language at pronunciation "р". Ask the child to do all movements now together. The following exercises have to be associated at the child with sounds which are said by animals. Suggest it to say sounds of animals together. Represent, for example, growl of a tiger. Or show a mouth as the tractor works as the car with a sound "р" is got. Let the child will try to repeat after you.

3. Do the warming exercises for language if first it turns out to repeat not really well at the child after you. You ask to dangle a uvula in different directions around lips, then around teeth, then suggest the child to tickle language to yourself the sky. Let he will apply language to the sky and will blow in it air. At first just letting out the air, then with a sound. These exercises train language of the kid.

4. The letter "l" is given to many children more simply, than "р", but happens that they replace it with other sounds, for example, "in" or "й". Ask the child to move apart sponges in a smile (show the movements of a mouth, saying "l"), and to press language to the sky. Let it will hoot in such position of lips and language. Now ask to touch language teeth and again to tell a sound which will turn out at it in such situation. It exercises for a warming up before beginning to do others.

5. That the sound of "l" was given to the child more simply, it is necessary to carry out exercises on blowing of air and increase in mobility of language. As at violation of air circulation in a mouth of the kid and insufficient mobility of a uvula the pronunciation of a sound of "l" is broken. Do together exercise "Horse". For this purpose it is necessary to tut-tut.

6. Also blowing of air from a mouth is required in various ways: putting lips a tubule, moving apart lips in a smile and so on. Call exercises with blowing to the child names which will be clear and interesting to it, for example, "Furs", "Horn", "Breeze".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team