How to teach the child to tell the truth

How to teach the child to tell the truth

Among many reefs in education by one of the most distressing the children's lie is. Even if parents willingly use "a lie for the good", they, most likely, will begin to demand honesty from children – at least, in relation to themselves. How to teach the child to tell the truth is a question of questions, but on it there are answers!


1. Try to understand what became the deception reason from the child. Perhaps, in your family there was a practice of tough punishment for any offense, and the child is afraid of the next portion of a beating or humiliations. Do not punish children if they at once confessed to offense, or, at least, as much as possible commute a penalty. Explain to the child: "You see, you told the truth, and I respect you for honesty. I will understand if you were mistaken or stumbled, but I will punish for a lie". Further keep the promise.

2. The child can lie if he wants to look better in the opinion of people around. Perhaps, he has problems with a self-assessment, and he does not see other way to raise the authority, except stories about fictional achievements. It is not necessary to abuse the child – most likely, and it is so hard for him. The person who is self-assured will not begin to think out tales – he has real merits. Talk to the child quietly, explain that such inventions will go only to harm – sooner or later deception will open, and the fibber will fall into very ugly state. Find out better what prevents it to achieve that result of which he dreams – perhaps, your help will be required.

3. If children got used that adults ban them all interesting classes, they can lie how they spend time. If for the bans there are real bases, talk to the child seriously and confidentially, explain the arguments and attentively listen to his objections. Perhaps, you will compromise.

4. Think what movies and transmissions are watched by the child what views and the principles under their influence can be formed at it. Perhaps, you should select movies, to watch them together with children and to discuss.

5. If the child lies for the sake of receiving any benefits. Kind of you were angry, do not humiliate it and do not apply physical abuse. The child is better to separate from the computer, the TV, some other entertainments. The child has to acquire firmly: a lie – one of those defects which you do not intend to tolerate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team