How to teach the child to tell

How to teach the child to tell

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Many children under the influence of emotions and experiences cannot clearly and it is correct to formulate a thought, to describe an event, a situation. Important since small years to teach the child to communicate, tell and share impressions.


1. Begin to teach since 1.5 - 2 the child to retelling of small texts with a simple plot. Read it children's fairy tales for the smallest, such as "Turnip", "Riaba the Hen", "Kolobok". Then ask it the specifying questions. For example, "Who planted turnip?", "Who helped to extend turnip?". You do not hurry the child, let he will remember and will try to answer a question at first in a word, and the phrase then developed.

2. You teach the kid from 2 – 3 years to storing of small texts. Apply technology of the reflected retelling. You read a phrase from the fairy tale not up to the end and allow the child to finish the offer. For example, you begin "Once upon a time there were grandfather and …", and the child finishes "Woman". Over time the kid will remember the sequence of actions and will learn the fairy tale completely.

3. Show to the kid animated films, you drive him in theater. At once after viewing have a talk about a plot, ask to share the emotions, to allocate positive and villains, to describe their appearance, character. Ask the child about what learns a plot of the animated film or a performance to, and then express in detail the opinion.

4. Suggest the kid to consider the picture. At first ask him simple questions about contents of the drawing, and then ask to describe the picture independently. Also during the game describe toys, pay attention to their color, a form, size. Offer the child is more senior to compare two dolls, to define the main characteristic signs. You watch that he spoke the finished phrases.

5. Place several toys before the child and ask it to create a story line. For example, show to the kid a doll, a basket and a mushroom. Let the child will think up where and why the girl whom met on the way that brought went. Gradually he to teach to dream and create the stories.

6. Remind the child of events from the past. For example, about a family campaign to the forest on the weekend. Let he will tell friends or relatives, than he was engaged that saw interesting. Help the child to remember the special moments.

7. Do not forget that children copy behavior of adults. Therefore also your speech has to be correctly put. You speak the developed offers with detailed descriptions.

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