How to teach the child to the oral account

How to teach the child to the oral account

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The oral account is necessary for the child as it contributes to the development of his mental capacities. Therefore parents need to help the kid to master this science not just having taught to consider, and having induced interest in the process especially as training does not demand a special situation. To begin to consider it is possible since two years, being engaged in it during walks.


1. Begin training in the account with simple scoring of figures and recalculation of the simplest objects. When the child learns to count at least to five, it will be possible to complicate a task. It is rather simple to master the first five figures, recalculation of steps, the passing cars or any other accompanying objects can be put to use.

2. It has to be interesting to the child therefore organize classes in playful way. For scoring of figures it is possible to use the simplest counting rhyme "Time, Two, Three, Four, Five, Went Out for a Walk a Hare". Or to read the fairy tale "Tower", suggesting the child to count residents of a fantastic lodge after each settling of the new character.

3. Stimulates interest in the account a game in shop. For this purpose it is possible to use any group of uniform goods, suggesting the child to buy two or three candies, changing their quantity.

4. Teach the child to distinguish such concepts as it is "more" and "less". It is the simplest to make it on the example of fruit, having put several apples and one pear before the kid and having asked what more. It is possible to ask questions and about the course of reading books with pictures concerning any images.

5. To teach to consider the child, it is also best of all to read and put on bright examples that the mechanism was clear. Use for this purpose candies and toys.

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