How to teach the child to tidy up at home

How to teach the child to tidy up at home

Many parents ask a question: when to accustom the child to household chores, thereby imparting him love for diligence, an order and accuracy? Many psychologists claim that it is the best of all to begin with the most wounded age.

Small children do not even need to be asked, they suggest to help mom – to wash the dishes or to wipe dust. But often parents refuse the help, proving it by many reasons: will not cope, will make poor. And someone is afraid to deprive of the child of the cheerful childhood. If to follow such style of behavior, in the future it is not necessary to be surprised that the child ignores cleaning and other duties, he got used that parents will make everything.

What the child on the house depending on age can do

Even the two-year-old kid can help parents, performing simple tasks: to lift a toy from a floor, to submit the book or the magazine, to bring to dad of a purse. You should not expect any performance, but even such simple tasks contribute to the development of desire to help about the house.

Children in 3-4 years are already capable to help mom with table layout. Of course, it is better for kid not to give easily fragile ware, but to spread out forks, spoons, napkins he will be able. Under control of mom children can put on or take off clothes. It is also necessary to tell that machines, dolls, cubes have the place where they need to be moved away after the games.

The child will treat more simply performance of the duties if before it there is a positive example. Parents have to show to the child that it is necessary to work on the house.

The preschool child aged from 5 up to 6 years is capable to carry out the following household chores:

- to collect toys;

- to put away the clothes into place;

- to dim and spread a bed;

- if there are younger brothers or sisters, he can look after kids according to the lights (but not on coercion!);

- to water flowers;

- to feed, comb pets (a cat or a dog);

- to help mom to investigate purchases.

In 7-9 years the school student is capable:

- to prepare simple dishes (to fill in muesli with milk or to make sandwich), to warm food in the microwave;

- to help on a kitchen garden in summertime (if there is a possibility of departure to the dacha, to the village);

- to fill out the diary without reminder of parents, to collect a portfolio in school;

- to vacuum in the apartment;

- to wash for itself the dishes.

Advice to parents how to accustom the child to an order

1) Clean up the apartment together with children.

Adults should not refuse the help of children with the house. It is possible, for example, to ask to lay a table or to cut salad.

2) During cleaning communicate with the child.

At early age the cleaning of toys can be turned into a cheerful adventure.

3) You praise for the help.

Do not forget to motivate the child to performance of household chores. For example, it is possible to tell: "Only you will perform this work really well!". Never you pay money for performance of any task, words that the child the most hardworking and responsible will be the best award (but also it is not necessary to overpraise).

4) Do not punish work.

Parents make a big mistake when they punish the child work. Performance of household chores by him should not be within punishment for any act. The child has to understand that to wash the dishes, to make a bed and to help the grandmother at the dacha is his duty.

Parents have to motivate to do household chores from the earliest age. To accustom the child not so difficult if in the matter to become it a good example. Children always love when mom spends time with them, and it means that any homework can be turned into an interesting game.

When to accustom the child to household chores, mom and dad solve directly, but it is the best of all to do it as soon as possible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team