How to teach the child to tie laces

How to teach the child to tie laces

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Setting of laces – process absolutely simple. So all adults think. And here for children the laces can become the real test. To begin to teach the child them it is possible to tie from 4 years. To this age his fingers will be ready to work with small objects, it quite will be able quickly and qualitatively to cope with this hard science. But, before beginning training, it is necessary to be prepared.

Pay much attention to motivation of the child

It is not necessary violently to teach the child to tie laces, to force to set to work, sentencing that all are able to do, and he, such bad, will not learn in any way. The child hardly in general will want to learn to give up laces such approach.

Try to attract interest in process. Favourite heroes of cartoon serials will cause desire to learn to lace up footwear. The Barboskins in one of the Lace series well explain to the kid how to cope with disobedient ties on footwear.

The special attention is deserved by toys – lacings

This is the great assistant for parents in such hard business. Bright, attractive, clear in use, they allow the kid to learn to handle in the form of a game laces.

Stringing details, the child imperceptibly for himself will learn to insert a lace tip into an opening in the correct order. There are models with which at a game the child needs to pass only a ribbon throughout an opening, and toys in which of a lace tie a bow.

Not any laces are good to start training

It is necessary to choose round cotton laces of average thickness with a convenient iron or plastic tip. The round shape of laces will help the child to hold strong them in a hand, flat, on the contrary, will slip out.

Laces with silk thread will not approach. They are quickly untied and minimize all your joint efforts.

On how many process would not be dragged out, do not lose patience

At the first failures do not palm off on the child favourite old slippers with velcros, try to achieve result together. You do not shout, do not abuse the kid for misses. The fact that it seems to the adult absolutely simple task can cause a lot of difficulties in the child.

Try to praise for each trifle more often. Passed a lace tip throughout a hole – well done! Could tie a small knot – perfectly! Any negative from adults for a long time will fight desire to continue begun off the child. Start matter in good mood, and then surely everything will turn out. 

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