How to teach the child to understand art

How to teach the child to understand art

By years the developed child understanding art – unconditional pride of any parent. Sometimes the fanatical pursuit of imposing to the child cultural tastes results in opposite result – the kid loses any interest in music, painting and theater. It is necessary to acquaint the kid with the magic world of art gradually and consciously.

The most important of arts

Very often parents make a mistake when they try to impose to the child own preferences in music, cinema, painting. At such approach the kid can decide that good art is only that which is recommended by dad and mom.

It is much more important to achieve that the child could be guided in cultural diversity, master new and on the basis of it to choose preferences. It is recommended to begin acquaintance with classics. Several visits of exhibitions, visits to the theater and a couple of examples from literature are quite enough that the child understood for himself that such academic art.

In art everything is possible!

It is important that parents explained how to perceive art. Not to do to the child of an injury, it is necessary to warn the kid that in art borders of legal are considerably expanded. It concerns also a nude figure and descriptions of the world. Very many artists and writers obviously described impartial scenes of life and life of the heroes to take out from this a certain morals. If the child is still too small for understanding of meaning of works of art, then it is possible to return to this question a bit later.

Subjective and objective

The young art critic has to understand also that pictures, performances and pieces of music it is impossible to regard categories "badly" or "well". It is important to inform the child that whatever alien, fancy or even ridiculous any given work was, it anyway has the right for existence. The well-known "Black square" of Malevich can become a striking example for such discussion.

The culture of those who are not similar to us

Studying cultural heritage of any given people can become in the great way for studying the world. It is noticed that kids are given classes about history of art much more simply, than about the history of the states.

It is impossible to forget as well that knowledge of cultural features of any given countries allows to develop that tolerance and understanding that each people have reasons for pride.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team