How to teach the child to understand words

How to teach the child to understand words

On the second half of the year of life the child begins to learn to understand words. At this time he obtains information only from parents. The task of the adult is to stock up with patience and to help the kid to seize all variety of language.


1. In the first months of life at the child the passive possession of a word develops. It means that he understands the words turned to it. Active possession of the speech develops later when the age of the kid approaches a year.

2. Try to talk to the child as often as possible. The speech has to be unimpassioned and distinct. Smile to the kid, try to interest him in the speech. Subsequently the child will begin to imitate you, trying to repeat separate words. Therefore you should not lisp with children, imitating their muffled speech, in this case training will be senseless.

3. During the conversation show to the child objects which can interest him, and you say their name. It can be toys, any personal belongings of parents to which the kid showed the interest (mother's hairpin, a father's tie). It is important that the child correlated a word and a subject which it designates.

4. If you regularly ask the child "Tell – a doll", it will not bring desirable result. The child will be able to repeat the word told by you, however will not correlate it to the thing designated by it.

5. As it was already told, in the first months the child is a passive participant of a conversation. Show it objects in the room, explain how they are called. Approximately to half a year the child on the question "Where Hours?" has to turn the head towards a required subject.

6. Approximately by nine months the kid has to know the basic concepts connected with his daily routine. He makes the required actions when parents speak to him "sit down", "you eat", "give a toy". In order that the child understood these words, mom and dad need to repeat regularly to the child these phrases and to help it to execute what from it is asked.

7. At the age of ten-eleven months it is time to begin to play with the child finger-type games, such as "Soroka-beloboka" and other. At recitation of the poem, fingers on the child's hands are serially bent that stimulates development of speech and fine motor skills.

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