How to teach the child to utter letter L

How to teach the child to utter letter L

Sluggish sound pronunciation or easy kartavost can be corrected without problems by means of modern articulation gymnastics. It helps to develop and improve a tone of muscles of language, lips and also to improve speech hearing. The articulation gymnastics will help children and adults to speak easily, accurately and correctly. It is possible to carry out it in the form of amusing games, fairy tales so children can imperceptibly master the correct sounds.


1. Acquaint the child with the main bodies participating in creation of sounds. It can be done by means of articulation gymnastics fairy tale which will interest the child and will imperceptibly do warm-up of lips, cheeks, language.

2. Work on speech breath. As the speech happens on an exhalation, the wrong distribution of air during an exhalation can distort sound pronunciation very much. The most known games helping with development of breath are games with soap bubbles, a zaduvaniye of the imagined or real candles, passing of ships on water. So in cheerful and relaxed atmosphere the child learns to control the released current of air. You watch that he did not inflate at the same time a cheek, and gathered air in lungs.

3. Carry out a set of exercises on elaboration of the correct pronunciation of a sound "l in front of the mirror. At first slowly, if any movements do not turn out, help the child a spoon (shank). You sit down before it so that he well saw also your movements of lips, language. Execute exercises together with it. The purpose of all correctional exercises "l – to develop mobility of all language and its parts for a sound, to adjust the correct air flow.· "A horse - all the known sound of clatter of hooves. Ask the child to smile, having shown teeth and having slightly opened a mouth. In such situation let it clicks a language tip as if a horse. Do together with it, at first slowly, then quicker. Also you watch that only language worked, and the lower jaw remained motionless. • "The horse goes quietly - it is obligatory option of the previous exercise. Suggest the child to make a uvula the same, but only without sound as if a horse on investigation. Rules remain they are not to put out a uvula and not to move the lower jaw.· "The breeze blows. Smile, having slightly opened a mouth, bite a language tip foreteeth and blow. At you two air streams from mouth corners have to turn out. Teach it the child and check the movement of air by means of a fluffy piece of cotton wool.· "Tasty jam. Together with the child slightly slightly open a mouth and a wide first line of language lick an upper lip, doing the movement by language from top to down, but not here and there. Do not move at the same time the lower jaw. If it is impossible to the child, be trained to hold at first the weakened wide language on a lower lip (the uvula needs to be put out and put on a lower lip, without spraining it on teeth). Then suggest to raise a uvula and to touch an upper lip.· "The steamship hoots. Suggest the child to slightly open a mouth and it is long to say a sound "y (as the steamship hoots). You watch that the tip of language was lowered and was in mouth depth, and the back was lifted to the sky.

4. Develop at the same time fine motor skills of the child, it stimulates speech development. Play finger-type games, draw, you mold with the child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team