How to teach the child to write accurately

How to teach the child to write accurately

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Constantly usovershenstvuyushchayasya the program for school students creates very big loading. Often lessons set very much that the child has no time to be engaged in working off of an accurate podcherk. Therefore begin to train it in the beautiful letter at least one year prior to school. Create a positive situation in the house and use a complex of methods which will help the child to cope with a calligraphy.


1. Develop fine motor skills of the kid by means of games and fascinating classes. Be engaged in a molding of figures from the salty test. Except the production, the result of creativity can be painted. Draw to the child simple figures and let's them cut out from paper. For girls it is possible to buy sets of paper dolls with clothes. Collecting puzzles and designers will help with development of fine motor skills. In breaks between games do to the child massage of palms, do entertaining gymnastics and arrange fizkultminutka.

2. Make to the child templates for trainings in calligraphy. Line a leaf by an example of a school copy-book: narrow lines and slanting lines crossing them. Write calligraphical handwriting samples of letters. But it is necessary to place them not only at the beginning of a line, and alternating to places for repetition by the child. If the sample is repeated not truly, the accurate letter, but not spoiled option will be the following example. You do not pass to studying a new stage until consolidate the previous achievements. Except work with copy-books, be engaged with the child in writing of quatrains. Thanks to it he will learn to write not only accurate letters, but also the whole fragments of the text.

3. Explain to the child as it is necessary to sit during the letter. The correct pose not only helps to form accurate podcherk, but also allows to keep the necessary provision of a bearing and not to spoil sight. The child has to sit down directly and bend knees at right angle. Hands need to be put on a table and not to rest on it elbows. The head needs to be inclined, but the distance between eyes and a notebook should not be less than 20 cm. The handle needs to be taken big and a forefinger, pressing it to the upper phalanx of an average. The tip of the writing device has to be directed towards the right shoulder (for the right-handed person) or left (for the lefthander).

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