How to teach the child to write quickly

How to teach the child to write quickly

Subjects at school become more. The volume of homework increases, and the child writes everything also slowly. Respectively, it stops doing homeworks only late at night. It can become the real problem, both for the school student, and for his parents. How with it to cope and teach to write the child quicker?

It is required to you

  • - handles;
  • - colored pencils;
  • - paper;


1. Think up games by means of which you motivate the child to write quicker. For example, organize a small competition - who will quicker write names of all members of your family, the name of your city, a surname, a name and a middle name of the class teacher of the child? Such competitions if they become a daily rule will help the kid to write yours quicker. Change tasks every time. You ask him to think out words for a competition. You can use synonyms and antonyms.

2. Send the child to music school or practise with him music independently. A game on the tool contributes to the development of motility of fingers. Playing a piano or any string instrument will approach.

3. Do to the child massage of hands - knead brushes and fingers. Use exercises which are applied by musicians to warm-up before a game. For example, exercise "extension" - palms develop together fingers of the right hand press on fingers left, the "shaking" movements and vice versa.

4. Still before the child will go to school can begin to train the fast letter. For example, in the course of drawing. Here it is important to impart skill of fast control of the handle or a pencil. Begin with the simplest figures. You ask the child to draw seven points, seven squares, seven triangles on speed. Thus you watch that he drew all figures as much as possible exactly and correctly, then you will avoid negligence which can be shown at fast performance of a task. For this exercise you can use a metronome. On each blow the child has to draw a figure, gradually increase the pace.

5. You do not hurry to accuse the child of sluggishness. Perhaps, he does not hurry because he is upset by ugly letters which turn out by the fast letter. On the contrary, encourage its aspiration to write beautifully, but begin to carry out exercises "on acceleration".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team