How to teach the girl to watch the hair

How to teach the girl to watch the hair

All mothers, being even in expectation of the daughter, already begin to dress up and brush the little princess mentally. Already much later the condition of hair at the daughter completely depends on mother's care of her hairstyle. We form by the attention to its appearance at girls from early age a habit to look after ourselves. But often mom works, and the daughter should watch most the hairstyle. How to teach her to this necessary skill?


1. Often girls do not want to brush the hair because of bad hairbrushes. They can hurt when combing, can pull out hair. The hairbrush has to be convenient and nontraumatic. For example, ""massazhka"" for hair. It has to be on a soft rubber basis. such hairbrush makes thrifty use of head skin and hair. It is necessary to get two such hairbrushes - one for the house and the second, less, for school. Also it needs to be changed in due time since ""massazhka"" have property over time to lose thickenings on cloves. For easier combing of a fine and soft hair it is possible to use balm after washing of the head. There are also on sale various sprays for simplification of combing of hair directly at the combing. do not forget to tell the girl that combing needs to be begun with tips of hair.

2. Now in shops the huge choice of accessories for hair. You go together with the daughter to such shop, choose beautiful hairpins, obodochka, invisible beings, elastics. You watch their state, if necessary change for new. Especially they are often lost and disappear. Do not abuse the daughter for it. Accustom her to careful attitude to things better, define the special place for storage of her jewelry, give her the chance most to care for them.

3. Pick up the simple, convenient and suitable her hairstyles together with the girl. Teach her to do them independently. Accustom her to look always accurately and attractively - she is future woman. You say that hair have to be always clean and brushed with an accurate hairstyle. Accustoming, do not forget that your daughter still the child also can forget about something. The real interest in the appearance at her will wake up only by 12-13 years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team