How to teach the kid to eat food independently

How to teach the kid to eat food independently

About a year and at advanced age all children intend to show independence, but, of course, there is not everything and not from the first attempt. In particular to eat food a fork and a spoon, to drink from a mug or a glass. Adults need to come to the rescue in it of the child.

First of all it is necessary to have dinner together with the kid - he will begin to imitate the adult and to learn. Also concentrate its focus of attention on how also the other children who already learned this skill eat food. At the beginning on a table it is necessary to hold two forks and spoons constantly: one for the adult - another for the beloved child.

Because the child takes the very first steps in it and very often long time rummages in a plate, it is necessary to support him - to finish feeding it the second spoon.

Excellent motivation for children is a game: a plate with the picture surprise at the bottom, it is possible to get in children's specialized shops. It is very important that this picture caused curiosity in your child (the smiling hare, a doggie, a bear, etc.). Intrigue the kid, tell him that the bear (for example) will be very glad if it devastates a plate completely. It is necessary to follow the important rule: never to press on children, it causes only negative reactions.

If the child already well owns dining facilities, but often "wriggles", it is necessary to try to comprehend the reason. Perhaps, he it is trivial - it is not absolutely hungry, then it is worth having dinner later. If you face negative reaction concerning delaying of a lunch and mischief, similar actions need to be stopped always. As the adult teaches the child, but not the child of the adult. After a while the child realizes your indignation and will begin to accept I write with appetite and is accurate, naturally, when really gets hungry.

Constantly accustom the child to hygiene and accuracy. If he suited a mess in kitchen, show the example, it is properly correct to clean up and wash. It is desirable to install industrial filters for water purification. Together with the child the adult has to wash hands both before, and after a meal. As all useful habits are formed at children's age.

Big mistake of parents is compulsion of the kid to eat only what follows by definition and it is so much portions how many the parent finds necessary. Besides it is not necessary to amuse it with toys during meal and to suggest to eat a spoon for the grandmother, for the grandfather, etc. He easily can get used to games and arrangements. It is possible to have fun and later. 

Finally It should be noted that the diet of the child has to be as much as possible various. Surely regularly encourage the kid for all progress and achievements – it will be the best incentive for it - to seek to do everything each time better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team