How to teach the kid to float

How to teach the kid to float

To train the child it is possible to float, starting with four - five-year age. For this purpose it is necessary to choose the suitable pool or a natural reservoir and also the experienced trainer who will assist the kid in development of this kind of sport.


1. Take the child by hand, come with him on depth on a belt (for the young swimmer). Start exercise performance "Sea battle". Become facing the kid and, getting water hands, splash it each other. The given-up player loses. This game teaches the child not to fear water ingresses in the face.

2. You pass to the game "Competing in speed". At distance about 3-4 meters from the coast throw floating toys in water. On a signal run from the coast to toys, take one and return to the coast. The one who will collect more toys will win. Main objective of exercise: to teach the child to movement in water, helping itself hands.

3. Execute training in a way to plunge into water. Play "Pump". Water depth for the child – up to a breast. The kid takes a breath, immerses the person in water, then does an exhalation. Eyes can be covered. Further take the young swimmer by hands, become facing him. Alternately squat, be dipped into water with the head, holding the breath. Let the child will learn to do a full exhalation in water. Teach the kid to make the previous exercise with open eyes.

4. Let the child will play "Float". He needs to make a breath, having sat down on hunkers, to clasp with hands knees, to press a chin to a breast, to hold the breath for 10-12 seconds. At the expense of the air which is in lungs, the body of the kid will begin to emerge on a water surface. Give the command to the young swimmer to extend legs and hands, to relax, lie down on water. The head let is in water, and the person will be lowered down.

5. Execute exercise "Arrow". The child has to come into water up to a breast, make a deep breath, hold the breath and, having extended hands forward, to make a start legs from a bottom. This reception trains in sliding on a water smooth surface.

6. Settle down with the kid in shallow water. Legs of the child have to be extended, shoulders to be in water, the head - over water. The kid begins to work legs up-down, combining this action with deep breaths and exhalations in water.

7. Play "Arrow". Let the child make a start from the adult's knees the bent legs, doing by them at the same time movements "up – down". His head is shipped in water facedown and rises only for a breath, exhaled – in water.

8. Come with the child into water up to a breast, let he will bend forward so that the chin and shoulders were in water. Hands it is necessary to make grebk. Achieve synchronous movements: a fungus the right hand - turn of the head and a breath; the fungus the left hand - turn of the head facedown also exhaled in water. Do exercise of 10-15 times.

9. Send the child to float independently, securing him. The kid takes a deep breath, lays down a tummy down on water, extends legs and straightens hands behind the head. The head is hung in water, facedown. The child begins to make fungal movements. Supporting him for palms by the hands, slowly you depart back. You watch correctness of performance of movements of extremities, breath of the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team