How to teach the kid to sit down

How to teach the kid to sit down

The kid was five months old. He is able to do a lot of things: to hold the head, to smile in response to your smile, to reach for the objects interesting him, to turn over, etc. But the baby still should study much, for example, to sit. And parents can help it with it.

It is required to you

  • - baby oil for massage;
  • - pool or bathtub;
  • - toys;
  • - pillow horseshoe.


1. Before teaching the kid the first lesson of "sitting", make to the baby the weakening massage of handles, legs, a back and a tummy. Then put the tot on a plain surface (better if it is firm), take him for handles and accurately pull the kid on yourself. The first time the child has to sit literally several seconds.

2. After short first exercise accurately clasp a head of the kid and put the baby on a back. Let's the tot have a rest a little and again repeat exercise. The exercises alternating with rest need to be repeated several times.

3. You carry out six-eight lessons of "sitting" in day, gradually increasing their duration. On such classes the kid intensively strains and swings press muscles that will allow it to sit down in the future independently.

4. Do swimming with the baby. These classes will perfectly strengthen health of the tot and will promote development of his flexible muscles. In water the load of a children's backbone and coxofemoral joints of the child decreases therefore the kid can be added without harm for his health.

5. Besides, for development of muscles of the kid try to leave toys at a certain distance from it that the baby reached for them. During such exercise the child strains the muscles that accelerates training process: your tot will independently sit already soon.

6. For bigger stability of the kid, the student to sit, make a horseshoe of foam rubber and seat in the tot. This support will allow to keep to the child balance and to train the muscles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team