How to teach the kid to sit

How to teach the kid to sit

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Young mothers always share with each other achievements of children. Each new step in development of the child – pride for mom. And there was a situation: all peers already creep, sit, and your child not that does not sit, and even is not going to try. How to teach the kid to sit?


1. All children – different, they develop at the different speed which depends both on the fortress of muscles and on a brain maturity. Until the child is completely ready to development of skill, he will not master this skill. Therefore, for a start, relax and solve for yourself that you are not interested in records of neighbors in the playground and that you are ready to allow the kid to develop as it is convenient to him.

2. To help the child to develop, not obligatory to use services of the professional massage therapist, moreover, there is an opinion that to children without development violations such procedures can damage. But it will be useful for you to master so-called mother's massage. It consists in gentle stroking of all parts of a body of the kid, light massage and a minimum of gymnastics. These actions stimulate receptors of a body of the baby and also help to establish yours with it relation.

3. For strengthening of muscles of a back the thicket can spread the child on a stomach and also to allow it to raise slightly the case from a prone position on a back, holding your hands. At the same time completely it is not necessary to put the child, the initiative of the movement should be given him.

4. Well development is helped by simple carrying on hands. At the same time it is useful to carry the child both facing itself, and on a hip. At first it is necessary to hold a back, but eventually the kid will begin to try to hold it independently.

5. Give to the child more freedom of the movement, try that around it there was always a lot of all interesting. Do not limit movement of the child on the house. It will be interesting to kid to participate in your activity, and it will stimulate him trying to sit down.

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