How to teach the preschool child to read

How to teach the preschool child to read

There are many techniques of training of children in reading. Some parents wish to begin training about one year, others wait for four-five years. Irrespective of by what technique you will teach the child to read, you need to know the basic rules thanks to which training will take place easier and more interestingly.


1. First of all try to make so that the child fell in love with the book since the earliest childhood. It does not mean that it is necessary to train it in reading as soon as possible, just make it a game subject. Just let's the book to the kid look through and consider.

2. Train your child in reading, using various games, i.e. try in all ways to interest him. You can look for the gone letters together with the kid or read some confidential tasks. Very much children like hide-and-seek on notes. It is possible to hide a toy in a certain place and to leave a note with the indication of this place. Learn to play so, and then complicate a game the fact that the following note will lie in the place specified on a note.

3. Do not make all efforts only for studying letters and addition from them of words, the child at preschool age has to develop comprehensively. Suggest it to write the fairy tale, you write down it, and then it is already possible to ask the child to read it.

4. Show on the example what to be able to read – it it is interesting. Periodically you sit down to read the book. Children imitate adults in everything, soon he will pick up the book of the fairy tales and will show willingness to learn to read as mom or dad.

5. Remember that it is necessary to train in reading from a sound to a letter, i.e. at first the child has to learn all sounds, and then all "official" names of letters. Also some teachers do not recommend to use the alphabet with pictures. The child associates a letter with a certain picture, and further when reading a word in which this letter meets, of it the picture from "Alphabet" arises in the head and it is difficult to it to orient.

6. Do not force the child to read against his will at all, otherwise you can fight off him desire to training at all. If he categorically against classes, postpone them for some time or you will choose other technique which is the most suitable to your child.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team