How to teach the teenager

How to teach the teenager

It is difficult for much to start new acquaintances in early age, to establish friendly relations. The boredom, absence of loyal friends and free time can bring your child into the bad company. Search of the good company – difficult occupation, especially when the teenager is excessively modest, underestimates itself or is brought badly up. And to find friends with similar interests – it is even more difficult.


1. The most important is to dispose the child to new acquaintances, adequate communication and not to allow negative influence from outside. It is necessary to remember that at teenage age personof passes process of self-knowledge, self-organization. It is the important period of his life. For example, you can write down the teenager in section, being guided by what is interesting to him, but not you. There he will be able to get acquainted and start friendship with the children united by one general interest.

2. It is impossible to order to the child to look for friends. He will listen to your instructions, but will begin to act according to them hardly. For this reason you need to be able to reason the words correctly. Instead of imposing of the points of view it is necessary just to explain all pros and cons, and further let the teenager makes the decision.

3. Help the teenager with the choice of qualities which friends have to possess. In an ordinary heart-to-heart conversation start a conversation about friendship, try to reveal together traits of character which the friend has to possess. Write down them on the sheet of paper and hang up in a visible place in the room of the teenager. When you see the child in the company of new friends, remind him of a conversation about friendship and ask whether he with confidence can call all people from the company friends. Here also the leaf where you in common specified traits of character of the true friend is useful.

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